Monday, October 2, 2017

Kamikaze Moto GPS speedometer 200KPH/120MPH guage PDF instructions

Kamikaze Moto GPS speedometer 200KPH/120MPH guage  PDF instructions

1. Cut an 85mm (3 3/8") hole in the panel (II) allow a clearance of . behind the panel.

2. Remove fastening ring (I), insert gauge from front. Tighten gauge (III) using fastening ring ( I)

3. Connect cables according to the diagram. Choose red or yellow background light.

4. Securely fasten the GPS antenna, preferably outdoors (or inside front windscreen) so that it has a clear view of the sky to pick up satellite signals. Connect the antenna cable to socket on the gauge. Do not cut cable.

5. After turning power on, allow the gauge to sample satellite signal for 1 minute.

6. All data is for reference only and should not be trusted as sole navigation source.

Function Select: “ODO”,“BUZZ” Press and hold on the button at the back, then turn on the power supply. The LCD will show ODO, BUZZ, etc.

  You can select the function to be set after release button. 1.GND 2.ING+(12/24V) 3. Blank 4.Red Backlight (+) 5. Yellow Backlight (+) 6. Left Turn (+) 7.Right Turn (+) 8.High Beam(+)

1.“ODO”(change total odometer) After selecting “ODO”, the LCD will show for example “5000” (5000 km) , press the button to change the flashing digit from 0 to 99999 to set the target odometer value.
2.“BUZZ”(change overspeed buzzer alarm threshold value) After selecting “BUZZ”, the LCD will show for example “B 80” (buzzer will be on when speed over 80km/h), press the button to change the flashing digit from 10 to 240 to set target overspeed buzzer alarm threshold value. Please noted: After setting, you should disconnect both Power+ and GND, and then reconnect the two cable, then it will save the setting. If you just cut Power +, then it’ll not work properly.

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Kawasaki 100 TV Advertisement

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Cafe Fighter Goodness

 Small sample of 2 great bikes. 

Modern Gadgets with old school look

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Friday, October 17, 2014

CB750 DOHC VM34 2-1 carburetor kit Mikuni Sweetness!

  - Introducing the VM34 2-1 dual Mikuni kit.  Increases horsepower and torque-  

-Each kit is test run and synchronized before shipped- 

-This is the best 2-1 Mikuni kit on the market-

 -Direct bolt on kit-

                                      Need more info? Have more questions?  Email or call!

                                                                      541 687 6400
                                             -NO FRAME MODS-FITS STOCK FRAME-

2- Handcrafted and ported 2-1 intakes

2- vm34 carbs jettted for stock or aftermarket exhaust

1- Custom 2-1 throttle cable ( fits stock throttle housing)

2- Oval tapered filters

1- fuel line mount kit

***** New clutch springs are recommended!

    Need more info? have more questions?  Email or call!

  541 687 6400

Thursday, October 16, 2014

VM34 Mikuni CX500 CX650 Kit info and upgrades GL650 GL500

 We have a few other upgrades that work fantastic wit the VM34 kit. We can bundle together or purchase separately when you need them. All parts are available on the website or direct.

 The new system bolts on in about 20-30 minutes and increases throttle response and adds HP and Torque throughout the rpm range.
 The kit Includes the following.
2 new Modified  Mikuni 34 mm carbs pre-jetted run and tested adjusted and balanced
2 new tuned length intake manifolds
2 new Mikuni spigot mounts
2 new Lifetime washable oil able  4 ply cotton oval pod filter with clamp
1 new Custom made throttle cable
Installation hardware and new viton o-rings
Fuel line and brass splitter t
All carb kits are test run and synced before shipment.
 You will need nothing else to install the system
Iridium ngk spark plugs  are recommended
 Raising the main needle to tweak for more mid range and top end

Fuel Filter is recommended
 Heavy duty clutch springs are recommended  (Kit adds torque and clutch slippage may result. It is a good idea to do this with installation of kit.)
If you need brass rods for the cap we have them on our website or contact us below.
  Any Questions? email or call us!

541 687 6400